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Our Values

Our values and philosophy 

All investment have consequences, not just for individual stakeholders, but also for their communities and the global economy at large. In addition to creating financial returns for the shareholders, investments can create jobs and expand the provision of goods and services with overall positive impacts. Kapower will deploy its capital in a sustainable way aiming at both financial returns for its shareholders and social benefits and environmental impact.

The area of focus of the Investment Cooperative will be, but not limited to, the following critical social and environmental Key Performance Indicators and will follow the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations:

●  Financial inclusion

●  Women empowerment

●  Accelerating digitalization

●  Switch communities from informal to formal

●  Green energy

●  Developing SME and entrepreneurs

●  Improvement of life conditions

●  Sustainable urbanization

●  Education

●  Young empowerment (Gaming)

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