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Vianney Mathonnet

Chief Executive Officer

of Kapower

Mr. Mathonnet, is a French national, based in Dubai, UAE. 6 years ago, he joined Kappafrik Group in Dubai, the Single Private Family Office and Private Equity conglomerate focusing on Energy and Infrastructure in Africa. He now serves as Director of the Family Office of Kappafrik Group where he spearheaded the West African expansion of KappafrikGroup Family Office and led several M&As.

In 2020, he founded Kapower Ltd., the Venture Capital Investment Cooperative investing in emerging market start-ups operating in sectors such as B2B marketplaces, Saas and NFT platforms. Through Kapower, he invests in some of the most promising economies supporting entrepreneurs at their Seed level. Kapower aims to leverage large user bases and bringing back the most flourishing Startups with their tech team in the UAE.

Prior to his investment career, Mr Mathonnet was a corporate manager in Central and West Africa, supervising multiple profit centers and 400 employees.

Mr. Mathonnet lived across Africa, Europe and GCC, and has undertaken various personal investments as an angel investor in emerging markets in real estate, digital marketing and micro-finance.  Mr. Mathonnet focuses on 2 pillars of development for the African continent, the first one is helping African economies to catch up on the industrial revolution, especially in the power sector. The second pillar focuses on bringing Africa into the 4th revolution by investing in high-impact start-ups with leapfrog potential and creating new partnerships with GCC countries..

He holds a B.A. degree from Glion Institute H.E. in Switzerland, a Financial Markets Certificate from Yale Online University and is a Certified Financial and Modelling Analyst.

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